Tuesday, August 10, 2010

OMG - almost a year?? Bad blogger I am!

I can't believe that it has been just about a year since I last posted on my blog.
Here is a recap of my year:

Here are me and my 3CMGs and our families bringing in the NEW YEAR!!!

We always seems to have our R/C Boat racing event GRAND PRIX CLASSIC around Valentine's Day so we celebrated during the week. We really don't like eating out, I prefer to celebrate at home with my family just like how it was when I was growing up.

St. Patrick's Day was a lot of fun. Working at a school we get to have a lot of fun around the holidays. It was fun to take pictures with my coworkers in our green shirts, decorate our bulletin board in the office with a leprechaun and a pot of gold with a rainbow. For dinner I made a yummy dinner that included green milk and green mashed potatoes!

I haven't scrapbooked easter 2010 yet but we had a nice time with my family. My sister's family was in Disneyland so it was me, my hubby and son, my mom, my brother, my nephew Ronnie and Sammy.

Mother's Day we met up with my mom and my brother at MiMi's Cafe....we had a really nice time and the food is always so yummy!

For Father's Day we went to our favorite FILIPINO restaurant called TRIBU. Then took a road trip to Bass Pro Shop and went over our friend's house for a father's day BBQ afterwards. It was a really fun day!

This was my first time having the whole summer off since I work in a school (probably my favorite perk of this job!) The weekend after school got out, we took a trip to Disneyland with Christian, Sammy & Gabby.

While we were on vacation, we bought a boat. It's pretty neat, you dock your jetskis in the back of the boat and they act as the motors. It's perfect because my hubby and son love jetskiing and I love relaxing on a boat. We got the best of both worlds!

4th of July we went camping to Rollins Lake with a bunch of friends. Other than the forest fire that a kid started at the beginning of our trip, we had a lot of fun!

My BFF Liana and I went to the county fair...I love going and always have to pick up my all star dip mixes. =0)

My nephew Ronnie turned 3 this year so we celebrated at my mom's house at her super cool pool club and then back to her place for cake.

My hubby and I were LONG OVERDUE for a date night...just a simple night out of dinner and a movie and I'm a happy girl!!

My friends and I love to plan a "GIRLS DAY"..spend the day shopping, out for lunch, so much fun!!

We took our new boat out for the first time....we had a great time on this lake and are going to go back for labor day weekend for some camping and water fun with all our friends!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Some exciting news....

I started a new job recently working at an elementary school in the office. I am absolutely LOVING working with kids, parents, just being in a school environment is such a good fit for my personality. The teachers and staff I work with are really nice and have made me feel so welcome. I do miss some of my coworkers from my previous job but I am much happier in the position I'm in now. Today was the last day of school before Halloween. It is so much fun getting into the festivities! I'd better watch all the sweets though, everyone kept leaving cupcakes, candy, cookies, cards, etc. on my desk ! We even have free breakfast / lunches every Friday. (Every friday a different grade level of teachers and office staff bring in food for the entire staff - so cool!)

Some other exciting news......

Christian has been competing more frequently now in skateboarding and is doing very well. We had a competition last weekend. We had a lot of fun watching all the kids skate.

Christian was so excited to get his very first skateboarding trophy and surprised to find out he not only took 2nd place in his competition but he also won best trick!! It was an exciting day for us! =0)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Still going strong!

I haven't missed a day yet of exercise. Since 8/17/09 I have gone walking every single day. I've lost 11 pounds so far (possibly more, I didn't start weighing myself until my bday on 8/27/09). I am now counting calories as well as exercising. Every week or two I try to add a little more into my challenge and so far it is paying off! I'm so excited to see the changes in me! =0)I weigh myself every Thursday and it's almost time to do my monthly measurements cause I am certain I have lots a LOT of inches. People have already started to notice a difference which is very motivating! I'm glad I started this when the weather was still nice so I had enough time to get this to become a habit. It's been 1.5 months since I started and I'm still going strong! GO ME!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Birthday Trip!

I decided that for my birthday this year we would go on a trip. We took Christian, Sammy & Gabby to Venice Beach / Southern California for a couple days. The weather was super hot, and we had so much fun seeing the sights!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A new healthier lifestyle.....

Can I really do this? I am going to challenge myself to be more active / eat healthier / make better choices when it comes to eating and exercise. My co-worker invited me to go walking after work on 8/17/09. It kind of jump started my decision to make an effort to exercise every day. We'll see how I do. I'm really hoping I can stick with this!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A night for the hubbys!

I planned a night out to a local Go Kart racing business for our husbands. They are such good sports about our 3CMG get togethers and all the picture taking we do, dressing up for whatever theme the event is, I wanted to do something fun for them. So here are some pics from our fun night out. Us girls just hung out and watched the guys get their race on. They guys had a lot of fun and we went out for dinner afterwards. Very fun night! Thinking we should go back there soon and us girls could race too! =0)